Why Join Fain Pool?

- Great Summer Time Fun!!!
- Traditional Tuesday Night Family Night
- Fully Stocked Concession Stand
- Baby Pool
- No Cooler Fees
- Host Your Own Parties
- Holiday Celebration


Host Your Private Party Today!!

Have an upcoming birthday or other reason to celebrate? Have a private party at Fain Pool! It's a great choice for team parties or church functions, too. There will be lifeguards on duty to provide a safe environment. Find out more about Private Parties!

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Rules & Regulations


1. Pool is open on Sunday from 1:00pm to 9:00pm
Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 11:00-9:00pm.
Tuesday is Family night and the pool hours are also 11:00-9:00pm
Closed on Wednesday

2. Members must register and present their membership card upon arrival at the pool.

3. Members must register all guests.

4. Swimmers must wear proper swimwear – No cut-offs.

5. Fee for guests are $5.00 per visit.

6. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

7. A lifeguard will be on duty at all times and is responsible for preservation of life and safety. POSITIVELY NO SWIMMING UNTIL LIFEGUARD IS ON DUTY.

8. No one other than lifeguards are to use the guard stands. Guards are instructed to end any person away from the pool area who fails to obey their instructions. CONTINUED VIOLATION OF POOL RULES WILL CAUSE SUSPENSION OF POOL PRIVILEGES!

9. There will be a ten minute rest period every hour from 12:00 noon until 6:00 PM for all children under 15 years of age.

10. Only pool approved balls may be thrown in the pool area. Throwing of Frisbees and other types of balls are restricted to the open grass area east of the pool or the area between the office and the parking lot.

11. All inflatable objects are restricted to the far end of the shallow area. Flotation devices may be restricted by the pool manager. 

12. No running on pool decks.

13. No pushing or throwing anyone in the pool

14. No glass containers allowed in the pool area. All beverages and food served at the pool will be dispensed in plastic cups and plates. No Alcoholic Beverages of any kind are permitted.


16. All trash must be placed in receptacles in both pool and snack bar areas.

17. For the health of all members, persons having injuries, colds, etc. will not enter the pool during the period of such afflictions.

18. Babies must wear swimming diapers.

19. Reckless driving in the parking area will not be tolerated.

20. Dogs, cats or other pets are not allowed in the pool area.

21. Family Night starts at 5:30 on Tuesday evenings when the grill will be lit and condiments and vegetables will be provided for members that wish to bring their own meat and buns.

22. No parties after 4:00 PM on Family Night.

By-laws and a current membership roster will be available for inspection at the pool.