Why Join Fain Pool?

- Great Summer Time Fun!!!
- Traditional Tuesday Night Family Night
- Fully Stocked Concession Stand
- Baby Pool
- No Cooler Fees
- Host Your Own Parties
- Holiday Celebration


Host Your Private Party Today!!

Have an upcoming birthday or other reason to celebrate? Have a private party at Fain Pool! It's a great choice for team parties or church functions, too. There will be lifeguards on duty to provide a safe environment. Find out more about Private Parties!

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Tell all your friends!

Summer 2014 is coming quickly and we are READY!

The question on everyone's mind is, "Will Fain Pool be open this summer?"  The answer is YES!!

The Board has decided to bring in water to keep the pool levels up so that we will not use the city's limited water supply.  It is our responsibility to be as conservative as possible.  We will also be adding containers to store the rain that falls so we may be able to use that as well.  This will begin immediately!

We have also come up with a logo for Fain Pool.  You will see this logo around the pool and on t-shirts, tank tops and beach towels.  We want to have a symbol that people recognize in the community.  Information on ordering shirts, tank-tops and beach towels will be available in May.  Please check back here to get all the details!

As a board, we are hoping the city will be responsible and choose to not open Castaway Cove.  If this happens we will have a great opportunity to grow our membership.  Please begin telling your friends about Fain Pool!  Here are a few things we love about it:

- Members are OWNERS - not a season pass.
- FAMILY NIGHT - every Tuesday night - grill is lit around 5:30 and everyone cooks out and enjoys the summer evening together.
- You can bring in your own food and drinks - fully stocked snack bar is available with very reasonable prices, too!
- PRIVATE - the pool is not open to the general public.
- Fenced in baby pool.
- 4th of July Celebration - cookout, pool games and old fashioned fun every Independence Day!

We are very excited about the 2014 summer and we hope you are as well.

For more information on Fain Pool please contact this years Board President Michael Crittendon mcritt1101@gmail.com